Access to records & Data Protection

This policy sets out your rights under the General Data Protection Regulations (2018) for your access to medical records that we hold, and how we will fulfil those rights.

If you require this information in a different format, or you need further information or assistance, please contact our Data Protection Officer via either of the addresses above, or by email to, stating “DPO Request” in the subject line.

Continuing access to your medical record online

You can view in real time a version of part of your medical record, via the online version of our clinical records system, SystmOnline.  For further details ask for a leaflet at Reception.

Obtaining a copy of your medical record

You can ask for us to provide you with a copy of your medical record, and we will do so within one month of receiving your request.

Please think carefully before you request a copy of your records. Your record may be held in both paper form and electronically. We will have to copy both parts, and then a GP will have to review the entire record to check that there are no entries that contain personal data belonging to another individual. Where the GP finds such third party data, we will have to remove it from the copy that we are preparing for you.

Please help us to help you by making reasonable requests of our valuable time. In particular, do you need a copy of your entire record, or only a part of the record, for example covering a particular period? The form that you must complete to request a copy enables you to ask for just a part of your record.

What will it cost?

KAMP will not charge you for an initial single copy of your medical records. However, we will charge for any further request for copies or part copies.

How will I receive my copy?

We will contact you to let you know when your copy has been reviewed and is ready to collect. You must come into the practice in person to collect the copy. You must bring photo ID with you, which we will copy and ask you to sign as confirmation of proof of collection.

We can only give the copy record to you. Please do not ask a friend or relative to collect the copy on your behalf as we will not hand your record over to them.

Can a Third Party (e.g. solicitor,insurance company, employer, etc) ask for a copy of my record?

Third Parties may make a request on your behalf. In accordance with the principles of the Act, it is our policy to only provide SARs to the Data Subject (you, the patient). We are under no obligation to release this information to anyone but you and we are unable to send the SAR to the Third Party.

On receipt of a request from a Third Party, we will contact you directly to make you aware of the request, seek your consent and to confirm that you will be required to collect the complete SAR.

Very often, solicitors or insurance companies ask us to provide a medical report on your behalf, relating to a specific issue, such as to take out a life insurance policy. Although such reports draw on information in your medical record, they do not count as a copy of your record. In such circumstances there is a charge for the report, which we would ask the solicitor or insurance company to pay before it is produced.

What do I do next?

If you want to have access, in real time, to a version of your medical record, ask a member of our reception team about setting up access to online services.

If you want to obtain a copy of your medical record, or a part of it, please complete our online Application Form for Access to Medical Records. Alternatively you can download the form below and bring it into the practice with you: