Community Support and Useful Information

Adult Social Care (Wiltshire Council)

Advice on benefit support and independent living.
Telephone: 0300 4560111

If concerned about a vulnerable person, not in immediate danger, and outside the above hours call:
Telephone: 0845 6070888


Bobby Van Trust

Free home security and fire safety service for older, vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

Telephone: 01380 861155


Day Centres – Marlborough

Day Centres are a place to meet, make friends and share a hot meal. They also offer a programme of social and recreational activities such as gentle exercise, quizzes, outside speakers, musical entertainment and trips out. The clubs are registered charities run by a paid organiser and volunteer helpers, supported by a management committee. They are part-funded by the Wiltshire council and supported by Age UK Wiltshire.

Mon-Fri – The Jubilee Centre, 28 High Street, Marlborough.

Contact: Carole Walker 01672 513087

Tues – The Burbage Tuesday Club, Seymour Court, Burbage.

Contact: Billy Morrison 01672 811499

Ear Wax / Syringing

Please see here for more information.

Electricity (Southern Electric)

For a power cut or emergency.
Telephone: 08000 72 72 82

If using a mobile
Telephone: 0345 072 1905


Gas Emergency

For example, if you start to smell gas.

Telephone: 0800 111 999


Odd jobs (not white goods or gas), decorating, ramps, rails and adaptation. Charges usually apply.

Telephone: 01380 735555

Help at Hand Leaflet

Please review our useful leaflet which includes key numbers for a crisis.

Leaflet: Help at Hand – PDF


Thames Water Emergency or leak
Telephone: 0800 714 614

Sewer blockage
Telephone: 0800 316 9800

Wessex Water Leak
Telephone: 0800 692 0692

Sewer blockage
Telephone: 0345 600 4600
Telephone: 0345 9881188