A Statement From The Partners Of Kennet and Avon Medical Partnership

It has become apparent that over recent days there have been an increasing number of complaints and negative comments made on Pewsey Noticeboard and other social media sites about this year’s ‘flu immunisation programme. Much of what has been said has been based on a number of misunderstandings about the obligations of the Practice, and on a failure to consider the full implications for both patients and practice staff of simply repeating the system we have used in previous years. We have already tried to explain why we have decided to implement these plans, both directly to the PPG and with a detailed list of FAQs on our website, but it would seem that it is not yet clear to many patients.

Therefore we will aim to address some key points below regarding ‘flu immunisations, particularly during the challenging conditions this year.

Most importantly of all, please remember that decisions about how we run the ‘flu immunisations are made by the partners of Kennet and Avon Medical Partnership. They are NOT made by the staff, or by the Practice Manager (who is an employee of the partners). While we understand that not everyone is happy with the plans we have made, we will not tolerate any abuse of any of our staff, verbal or physical, for any reason.

Please view our statement from the partners of Kennet and Avon Medical Partnership Letter for more information about the flu immunisation programme and why it is so different this year.