Safe Parking At Marlborough Surgery

A combination of factors has led to the carpark at Marlborough Surgery being extra busy recently, which has led to some near-misses, thank goodness no one has been hurt.

Unfortunately the car park only provides sufficient space for staff parking and Blue Badge holders or frail patents and is not big enough for patient parking. The car park layout does not allow for safe flow of multiple cars coming and going throughout the day, particularly at school drop off and pick-up times when many children walk past the surgery.

To keep everyone safe, we have placed bollards at the entrance to remind customers of the pharmacy and visitors to the surgery that parking is available for Blue Badge holders, staff and deliveries only.

Parking for patients is available on George Lane, within a few metres of the surgery (free for 2 hours) or the council car park on Figgins Lane (a few minutes walk).

If you are struggling with mobility or you are too poorly to park elsewhere and walk, please use our disabled spaces and let Reception know.

Many thanks for your understanding and co-operation.

The KAMP Team