Update from KAMP

To all our Patients,

During the last few months, you are likely to have noticed a difference in the way things are being done in general practice as we manage coronavirus (Covid-19).We want to start off by saying thank you.

Thank you for adapting so quickly to these new ways of working – it has been the drastic, yet fundamental, change needed to ensure the safety of you and our staff.
To slow down the spread of coronavirus, we have worked to reduce the number of people coming into the practice. This has been achieved by using telephone appointments and video consultations.This is why we ask you to continue what you have been doing to access your GP service.

Please do not visit either of our surgeries without an appointment.

Instead, telephone the Practice or go to the KAMP website (www.kamp.nhs.uk). Reception will make you a routine appointment to speak to the right healthcare professional for your problem, GP, Nurse or Clinical Pharmacist. If your problem is clinically urgent, a triage Nurse, Doctor or Paramedic will call you back on the same day.

If a Clinician does need to see you in person, then you will be given a face to face appointment at one of the KAMP surgeries.

Only coming into the surgery with an appointment means:

  • You will get seen promptly
  • You are reducing your risk of catching/spreading coronavirus by avoiding a waiting room
  • You are helping to keep staff healthy and safe
  • The practice can maintain a clean environment and protect you from the virus
    The visiting service, for patients who are unable to leave their home, has not been changed.

An NHS Frequently Asked Questions document is available on the website to answer any further questions you may have. As usual, you can also address any concerns via the website or through the PPG email account: kamp.ppg@gmail.com. Please do get in touch with us to let us know how we can support you.

For more information, please visit our KAMP Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Thank you once again for your support and understanding as we all adapt to a new way of working.

From all the Staff at KAMP