Changes to the way we work: KAMP limits size of same-day medically urgent list.

This winter, the numbers of people requesting a same-day urgent call back from KAMP have reached record levels, leading to concerns that patient safety is as risk. Patients are now asked to call before 3.30pm if they need same-day medical help. Those telephoning after 3.30pm will be asked to phone back the next day.

You can help us to make sure that those who really need it get a same day urgent call-back . If you are not sure, NHS recommends visiting 111 online who can advise the best service to help you. Those who do not have online access can telephone 111.

Routine GP appointments are available for non-urgent medical issues, our Patient Navigators (formerly called Receptionists) can guide you if you are not sure.

Background: The number of GPs working in the NHS has declined significantly over the last 10 years. GPs are making the best of scarce resources to get care to those who really need it. If you feel that resources on the NHS front-line are sufficient, please write to your local MP.