Patient Notice

There are currently inaccurate reports circulating on social media about changes to how GP data is collected and used by the NHS. Proposed changes have have been delayed until September 2021, the deadline of June 23rd quoted is out of date. There is only one type of data opt-out under the current system – on line at Paper forms are not to be sent to GP practices – we have no information to confirm that these will opt individuals out of the new system. Please remember that pseudo-anonymised GP data has been collected by NHS Digital for over 10 years and is not sold on to other companies. These data have been used for very positive reasons – researching new treatments, where to place new surgeries and clinics for example, and have been key in Covid vaccination planning.

More information on what data is collected and how it is used can be found at the following trusted sources:

There is also a short YouTube video which explains more:

Patients can opt out of their data being used by NHS Digital online at:

Please also see the Practice News item on this website.