Statement on Reallocation of Patients of Dr Jenny Campbell

On March 25th KAMP announced that Dr Jenny Campbell is leaving the practice for pastures new.

Patients on Dr Campbell’s list have been allocated a different named GP. As other GPs in the practice have taken on Dr Campbell’s other responsibilities, their list sizes have also been affected. Patients of these GPs may find that they also have a new named GP. Please be aware that in many instances you can still have a consultation with your preferred GP, regardless of who your named GP is.

If you wish to know your named GP, you are welcome to ask when you next contact the practice (please don’t ring the Surgery just for this information). Also, your GP’s name is shown on the bottom of repeat medication request slips and on for those who have online access.

As always, you are welcome to ask a question through this website.

Please help us to keep our phone lines free for patients with medical issues and those making COVID vaccination bookings.

Thank you