Patient Participation Group (PPG) Update 2020

Our surgeries at Marlborough and Pewsey have made significant changes to their procedures during the pandemic, and these are likely to continue for the foreseeable future as we still need to keep visits to the premises as low as possible.

We know that all the staff at the Practice are really grateful for everyone’s support and understanding as they have adjusted to the new circumstances.

Now is the time to start looking forward and find out what patients want from now on.

Remember to telephone or use the website to contact the surgeries in the first instance. Reception will direct you to the person best able to help with your query.

Any medical assessment will always start with a phone call with a clinician. If it’s clinically necessary, you can still be seen in person or video consultations can be used where it is clinically appropriate.

Thanks to being a bigger practice as a result of merging the surgeries, the Practice has expanded its team and services now include:

  • A Transforming Care for Older People (TCOP) Nurse, Social Navigator and Care Coordinator support older patients living in the community;
  • All patients are increasingly supported by Social Prescribers who can help deal with broader social challenges facing patients in their lives.
  • Carers are supported by an award winning Carers’ Team- encouragingly registrations of Carers have increased in the last 6 months;
  • Care Homes are supported by a dedicated Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP);
    Home Visits by a Paramedic and an ANP can be arranged for the housebound when really necessary;
  • Medication queries, reviews and advice are dealt with by the Clinical Pharmacist;
  • Triage: there has been no change to this same day service for clinically urgent medical problems which operates every weekday.
  • Appointments (by phone) with a GP are often within a week but may take longer if you want to talk to a specific clinician.
  • All are supported by a team of Healthcare Assistants, Phlebotomists and Practice Nurses.

In this way, the Surgeries continue to offer the majority of usual services, including early and late appointments, whilst keeping patients and staff safe.

Your Patient Participation Group (PPG) Need You!

The Practice can only make changes that benefit patients if they know what patients want.

Please complete our online PPG Survey form. All responses will be read by the PPG.