Flu 2020 FAQ’s

Final flu clinics – updated 05/11/2020

There will be 2 further small flu clinics in November. You will be invited to either Pewsey on the 16th of November or Marlborough on the 20th of November. Please call reception to book your place once you have received your invitation.

I am worried about coming to the clinic as there will be lots of people there and I might catch Covid-19, what should I do?

The Practice has completely changed how we offer the ‘flu vaccine to reduce the risk of transmission. The clinic will be held in the car park to ensure plenty of ventilation. There will be marshals on hand to ensure socially distanced queues. We have restricted the number of people invited in each time slot so anticipate queues will be kept to an minimum. Your health is our primary concern so we are putting everything in place to reduce the risk of Covid-19 being transmitted during the clinic. Please help us and do your bit too – ensure you maintain social distancing and wear your face covering.

I have an egg allergy, can I still have the ‘flu vaccination?

Yes, the vaccine for under 65 years olds is egg free, if you are over 65 you can have this vaccine. However, this will not be available during the clinics, please call the flu line to discuss this.

Other people have received their invite but I haven’t – what should I do?

Eligibility for the ‘flu vaccine has changed this year due to Covid-19. We have also had to prioritise our patients based on their clinical risk, for example, people who have been “shielding” during the height of the pandemic will have priority over someone who has mild or well controlled asthma.

If you are concerned or have always had the vaccine and feel you fit into a high risk category and especially if you have been shielding, please contact us via our website (in the “ask the receptionist a question” section) and we will check your records.

I can’t make the date – will I get sent another invitation?

You should be invited for another date if you can’t attend, however this is subject to stock levels.

I forgot to come at my time/date – what should I do?

You might be invited for another date if you didn’t attend, however this is subject to stock levels.

Can I get my ‘flu jab when I come in for another appointment?

We would like people to have their vaccination in the clinics where possible. This is so that our usual appointments don’t get overwhelmed by people having their flu jab. The clinics have been put on to reduce the impact on our normal appointments.

I am over 50 and heard on the news that I am now eligible for the ‘flu vaccine, how do I get an appointment?

The Government announced that everyone over 50 should get a ‘flu vaccine however we have not had any further guidance or vaccines to provide this. We are waiting further information and are expecting this shortly. Please keep an eye on our website for further information as and when it becomes available.

I live with someone who is shielding, should I get a ‘flu vaccine?

The patient who is shielding will be invited. We have had to prioritise based on clinical risk and age.

I have a child, should they get the ‘flu vaccine?

The Practice is currently planning the children’s ‘flu campaign. Children between 2 & 3 years old are eligible for the nasal spray and will be invited soon. School age children without any health risks are vaccinated via their school nurses. Children who are in an “at risk” category will be invited into the surgery.

I cannot make it to the ‘flu clinic as I can’t leave my house, what should I do?

We would encourage everyone who can, to come to the clinic. For people that can’t come due to their own mobility we would ask if someone else can take you. For those very few patients who are truly housebound, we will ask one of our nurses to contact you. Normally, if you are housebound you will also be under the care of the Community Team. If this is the case, the Community Team will vaccinate you.

Will having the ‘flu vaccine reduce my chances of getting Covid-19?

The ‘flu vaccine provides protection against the influenza virus only. There are many strains of the virus and the vaccine provides protection against most of the strains. Covid-19 is a corona virus rather than an influenza virus. The ‘flu vaccine does not provide protection against Covid-19.

If it rains, will the clinic be cancelled?

No, the clinic will not be cancelled. We ask that you dress appropriately as you will be queuing outside. We would ask that you wear layers if the weather isn’t very good so that we can vaccinate you quickly; this will also help keep the queue moving.

I can’t stand in a queue for very long due to mobility issues, can I have my vaccine in a usual appointment?

There will be chairs provided at the venue so you can rest if you need to.

Will there be a private area to take my top off?

Unfortunately there will not be any areas within the gazebo that can guarantee your privacy. Please do ensure you dress appropriately and wear layers that you can remove easily, to expose your upper arm. Please ensure your base layer is short sleeved and not necessary to remove.

I have lost my ‘flu invitation, can I still come?

Please do take care of your letter. We will be collecting all invitation letters at the point of having your vaccination. This is so we have an accurate record of who has had their vaccination. Your electronic record will be updated after the clinic. We will have very limited IT on site so it will be hard to print out a new invitation letter and could cause you delays and additional queuing.

I have decided not to have my ‘flu vaccination this year, should I phone reception to let you know?

Please do let us know if you aren’t intending on coming once you have received your invitation but please do not call our usual reception number. We would ask you to text or call 07902 230070 to say if you don’t want the vaccination (please leave your name and date of birth), you can also return your invitation or send us a message by completing the Ask the Reception a Question form.

How will I find out about any changes to the clinics?

Please continue to check for updates on our website or Facebook page. We will keep these up to date.